I sold my blood for N10k to buy birthday gift for my crush – Nigerian man narrates


A Nigerian man has shared a hilarious story of the extreme lengthy he went to in order to please a girl he was chasing in the university.

The guy known as Presh said that he sold his blood in order to raise money to buy a birthday gift for her as a way of proving his love.

According to him, the incident happened in 2010, when he was in 300 level and he sold his blood for N10,000 at a laboratory where he did his Industrial Attachment.

Unfortunately for Presh, the lady turned down his advances despite accepting the gift without knowing what he did to be able to purchase it for her.

Read the post:

In 2010, I was in my third year in the uni. There was this babe I was chasing, she only showed me yellow lights.

We talked every day, I made it duty to text her every morning at 6am. I was using a Nokia 1600 then, so I scheduled the messages ahead and before I even woke up, she’s been texted, and she always replies. If I ask to meet, she always turns up.

I was intentional about her because I really liked her. She kept telling me she had a boyfriend but I wasn’t seeing any signs of such. I kept pushing hoping she would eventually change her mind.

So her birthday was coming up on June 16th, I told my friend IB that I wanted to do something for her on her birthday. He suggested I do a pencil painting of her, that she would love it since she’d mentioned in one of our conversations that she loves art.

I met one final year Architectural Engineering student in school and gave him her picture to draw. Bro was so thrilled that I was so thoughtful to come up with something like that. He said he would give me a discount, that instead of 15k, I should pay 12k.

I was broke and couldn’t raise the money. I was going to school from home, so there were no allowances, and I’d paid my fees, bought all my handouts and practical manuals, so there no way I could raise money from my dad again.

I had just concluded my IT in a hospital’s laboratory. The hospital used to source for blood donors and pay them to be able to get blood in banks for patients’ needs (it was a semi urban area, and there were no free donors). I called the Lab technologist who was my boss when I was doing my industrial training and told her that I wanted to donate blood, that she should call me if she needed it. She told me to come right away, that they have been searching for days and no avail.

I entered bike straight to the lab. I’d done all tests while I was there, so she just did RVST to reconfirm my status and took 2 pints at once. My HB level was over 80%, so I was good to go. 5k per bag, I had 10k🤭. They gave me malt (the normal ritual before, during, or after donation), I drank and left asap to meet the artist and paid the 10k for deposit.

The guy did an amazing job and I was thrilled. The art was so beautiful, I loved it and I knew for sure she would too. I didn’t collect it from the guy until her birthday, when I and IB went and picked it up. IB was stunned and sw0re that this was the icing we’ve been missing. She must fall in love this time. 😀

We took it and IB acted as the delivery guy and delivered it to her. He told me of her expression when she saw it. I was feeling all butterfly that finally I have nailed it😂.

She called me and thanked me that she appreciated it and loved it. The conversation continued, days, weeks and months. She kept telling me she likes me but she has a boyfriend and she can’t double date 😏 I wasn’t seeing any guy oh.

At some point, I just gave up and stopped texting her and calling her as usual. I graduated and went for NYSC, she still kept in touch but on a casual level once in a while.

One day, after I had finished NYSC, she called and we were talking and she told me that she has something to tell me. She said that her sibling just broke the birthday gift I gave her. I was shocked, its been almost 4 years and you still had it? She said she cried when it got broken. I told her I didn’t know she kept it all these years. That was when I told her how I sold my blood just to be able to raise money to do it then.

Ah, babe broke down on the phone and said she never knew I went that far for her. I told her that’s how far I could go for someone I love. She asked if I we can see that evening, I told her we would see the next day but we are not going to talk about starting all over again, because I’d moved on. She texted me late into the night and said so much sha… We still keep in touch once in a while. My friends still used it to banter me till date 😭😭.

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