Juliana Bach missing: Update on Julianna Bach missing since 14/04

Juliana Bach missing: Here is the latest update on 13 year old Julianna Bach missing from home since 14th April, 2019.

Juliana Bach missing lailasnews

Juliana Bach, 13 years old, blue eyes, blond hair, 5’10”, about 130 pounds ran away from her parents’ home in the 14th of April, 2019. She left on her brother’s red pump scooter and had nothing with her.

Juliana Bach missing: Update on Julianna Bach missing since 14/04

According to the latest update from her loved one, Wendy Bach, Juliana is still not home yet. Read Wendy’s Facebook post below:

EDIT: She IS still missing. She has not been found. She ran away 4/14.

I’m sick to my stomach and have been trying to avoid doing this, but at this point we are getting desperate.

On Monday, at 4:45pm, Juliana ran away from our home in Lutz, FL. She left on her brothers red pump scooter and had nothing with her.

The picture of her in the pink tank and black shorts was taken hours before she left and was the last things she was seen wearing.

The police have passed the case on to a detective, but we have not heard any news.

She left with no food, no phone, no money, and no clothes. We are hoping by posting this someone will spot her somewhere.

We do NOT believe she will head back to NJ and we aren’t aware of her contacting anyone.

She has had very limited use of her phone and limited unsupervised alone time since 4/1. Please feel free to share this post. Maybe someone will know something or someone.

Julianna Bach first went missing in March after leaving a message for her mum saying she was leaving and needed some space. But she was later found on the 31st of March, 2019.

Here’s the post Julianna’s mum shared when she first went missing and she was found:

EDIT 3/31/19 SHE HAS BEEN FOUND SAFE: Continued prayers for Juliana and her family are appreciated as they move forward.

Parents of Sparta Middle Schoolers or anyone near Lutz FL please read this. If Juliana reaches out to any of her Sparta friends please contact her mom, Wendy Bach, ASAP.

MISSING 13 year old
We woke up this morning to a note from our 13 year old daughter saying she was leaving and needed some space. We just moved here a month ago and she is having a hard time adjusting. Unfortunately I haven’t met very many of her friends or their parents and dont know much about where she could go. She spends most days hanging at the basketball courts or walking around the community. We have contacted the sheriffs dept and they are helping us locate her. Please let me know if anyone, or your children, have seen her or have any info. (Wendy Bach)

Juliana Bach
Blond hair, blue eyes, 5’10”, 130 pounds



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