Joshua Hudnall death: Joshua Hudnall Evil Lives Here – what happened

Joshua Hudnall death: Joshua Hudnall Evil Lives Here death happened in 2018.

Josh died of liver failure. He was discovered in his truck dead shortly after ID Evil Lives Here episode was taped.

Joshua Hudnall death lailasnews

Joshua died in 2018 at age 26. He was born on February 14, 1991 to William Hudnall and Stephanie Hudnall. Before his death, Joshua Michael Hudnall was living in Alachua County, Florida. The army veteran was also a truck driver for USA trucking.

Joshua Hudnall death:

Joshua’s death happened before he was able to see his story – Evil Lives Here episode Let Her Rot – told on TV.

Hudnall mother and sister had killed his father, 54-year-old father, William Arnold Hudnall in 2011 for money.

In the heart wrenching story told on Investigation Discovery, Joshua was overseas in the United States military when his mother, Stephanie Hudnall and sister, Guenevere Hudnall made plans to murder his father so they can receive benefits from the government.

They need money, the mobile home they were living in was under foreclosure.

On the fateful day – June 9, 2011, Stephanie drove her daughter, Guenevere to her estranged husband, William Arnold Hudnall’s home in Hawthorne, Florida.

When William fell asleep, Guenevere took a pickax and struck her father in the head and chest until he was dead.

Stephanie and Guenevere were caught, found guilty and convicted of second-degree murder and conspiracy to commit second-degree murder.

When Joshua learnt his mother and sister murdered his father, he was shocked.

Stephanie and Guenevere were each sentenced to 40 years in prison.

Reacting to his father’s tragic death, Joshua said he believed it was his mother’s idea and she convinced his sister to do it.

Joshua said Stephanie was manipulative throughout his childhood. She fabricated stories of abuse, and even tried to attack him with a knife. Joshua never had a good relationship with his mother.

But he never imagined or thought she would murder his father.

After Joshua Hudnall mother and sister were jailed, he visited them in jail in hopes of finding out why they killed his dad, but they never gave him a motive, until Joshua watched his sister, Guenevere’s interrogation video.

That was when he found out why they did it. Joshua was so close to his father, saying that at one time, his dad was his only friend.

Upon hearing of Joshua Hudnall death in 2018 before his story aired on TV, Investigation Discovery paid tribute to him.

The network shared a heartfelt message on Twitter that read:

“We were sad to learn that Joshua Hudnall, who told his emotional, heartfelt story on last Sunday’s #EvilLivesHere, passed away in 2018. Our thoughts are with Joshua’s loved ones.”

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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39 thoughts on “Joshua Hudnall death: Joshua Hudnall Evil Lives Here – what happened

  1. Joshua seemed like a real stand up guy who did not cave to his mother and go against his principles. Sorry to see at the end of the show that he died. So sad. RIP Joshua.

    1. I was shocked when I saw “ in memory of Joshua Hudnall , dying is 2018. I hope joshua and his dad knew that his dad raised a fine son. His sister Guenevere was beautiful . She could’ve done so much with her life . I agree that Stephanie was an evil person. Hopefully Joshua and his dad are together in heaven ,


    1. So sorry to hear of Joshua’s passing.
      He lived a hard life with a mother who never really loved him. That heartless thing (not the word I want to use) was pure evil.
      Joshua was a great person who served his country and tried to get on with his life the best that he could only to have it cut short.
      I hope you are flying high in hin heaven with your dad. RIP JOHUA

  3. So sorry to hear Joshua passed. His story was heart wrenching. He had a hard life with his mother.God Bless him for choosing to serve his country.
    It is so sad that he l9st his dad to murder then he passed away at 26, so young. RIP Joshua.

  4. Horrible. My theory is Stephanie had been poisoning him for a long time for this to have happened to him.

  5. When I found out you passed away it was like a punch to the gut. May you rest in peace Joshua on this Memorial Day Weekend. Thank you for your service.

  6. My husband and I just saw the episode on Joshua and his family. We thought he was such a stand up guy. When we saw the end of the episode and saw that he had passed we were devastated and shocked. Although his life was short, I certainly hope he got to he got to enjoy his last years. May you now rest in peace with comfort in knowing you are with your father.

  7. Joshua, today is May 23 2020. I sat there watching your story thinking what a remarkable young man you were and with the cleanest finger nails on a man that I had ever seen (that’s all military brother). Was devastated when at the end they disclosed your death. RIP too

  8. Heartbreaking story! Just watched the episode. Did Joshua not have another sister? If so where is she?

  9. Just watched a repeat of this, though I had seen it before. But I was very surprised this time to read of his passing at the end of it. The stresses he was subjected to in his life likely didn’t help, but it was so sad to learn he had died. RIP, Joshua. May you and your dad find peace and joy together.

  10. This was one of the saddest stories I ever heard, with such an awful ending. May Joshua and all fallen military heroes be remembered and honored this Memorial Day weekend. I hope that both he and his father are together again and finally at peace in God’s arms. May they rest in peace !

  11. As I listened and watched the episode of “Let Her Rot” on “Evil Lives Here” I was so impressed and felt like Joshua was ready to move on and it’s so sad that the Dad was set up for murder at least 3 times (in the episode). It was so touching that Josh loved and respected his Dad as a “Stand Up” guy and Josh was able to handle the military fighting better than he could deal with Stephanie is so sad. He noticed the slights and noticed Stephanie’s mistreatment when buying things for the girls and not him. When he fell off the scooter and ran home to seek nursing from his mother, he got go upstairs and clean up and put a bandage on I thought this woman is weird. Too bad he had to escape home and go to war rather than deal with a weirdo mom at home. She was a terrorist, seriously!!! Too bad his sister did such a horrible crime to her own father and it really doesn’t matter that her mother manipulated her. We should all know right from wrong at 5 to 6 years old.

  12. I watched and was so sad to hear of his death. Did he have a family? He didn’t look like someone who drank a lot. How did this happen?

  13. what a tragedy. I glad he was getting clear on the reality of this situation. sometimes you just get stuck. 1 family member left, for what reason? sad

  14. R.l.P Joshua Hudnall may your kind soul rest. I watched your story on Evil Lives Here and I’m sorry you had a mother like you did. You did nothing wrong and this wasn’t your fault. You are now in a better place with your father and where you no longer feel the pain of everything you’ve gone through♥️

  15. I was so sad to get to the end and see that it was dedicated to Joshua.
    Rest in peace your pain is over and ur with ur dad.
    Thanks for your service and god bless you.

  16. I was just thinking “wow, this is the type of guy I would love to have as a friend.” And then the screen pops up saying he passed. Why does it happen to good people?

  17. I am so dad to hear about Joshua’s passing. I just watched the episode of Evil Lives Here and was so impressed with Joshua that he touched my heart. He overcame so much abuse and kept moving forward and became a Stand up Guy just like his father. I wish I could have known him and be there for him because I feel he really had nobody to lean on. Thank you ID for sharing his story. Joshua I know you are truly in peace now with your father and I know you are finally with your best friend. Thank you Joshua for serving our country. I don’t have the words to express how much you touched me. May you RIP with your father and finally be happy. I will see you in heaven and I will be so happy to meet you when that day comes. Again THANK YOU Joshua for having the strength and courage to share your story. God bless you.

  18. Joshua Hudnall, I know now you are in a better place, and with you best friend/ father ! May you RIP. God bless

  19. Just finished watching the episode. Wondered how amazing that he turned out so well after such an awful childhood. The Dad should have spent more time with his children, but maybe his work was an escape for him, to get away from his terrible wife. Good for Josh that he didn’t cave to his mother’s demands, what a fine young man. Good that something good can come from something so bad. Was shocked and saddened to see that he passed away before his life really began. If I had a daughter I would be delighted if she could have married someone like Josh.

  20. I wish Josh lived to have his episode air so he could experience the outpouring of love from everyone who saw it. He deserved that love so much. Perhaps that would have helped him in some way to stay with us. ❤️

  21. It shocked me at the end of the episode also. His mother had mental issues that had never been addressed. I was hoping Josh would have been able t live a life and ha V a family. He was so humble even tho he had been traumatized as a kid. Rip josh


  23. So sad to see that Josh had passed…..I hope he and his dad are finally at peace…….❤

  24. I just watched this episode, so sorry to hear that Joshua passed RIP, you seemed like a wonderful son. Your with your father now.

  25. So sad to hear that he died! This is such a tragic ending to a precious life! Heartbreaking!

  26. I watched this episode “Let Her Rot” on Evil Lives Here two nights ago. I felt so moved by Joshua’s story that I wished I could be his friend. Upon seeing In Memory of Joshua Hudnall I’m like wait…what. Did I miss something? I had to look this up hence led me here. I am so sorry to hear of passing. Rest easy Joshua and thank you for your service.

  27. I was so saddened to see Joshua Hudnall had passed away at the end of the episode. I was watching it and hoping he was doing better because he said the interview for ID was therapeutic for him. He seemed to be such a kind and caring person only to be taken away too soon. RIP Joshua.. you will be missed.

  28. 09/13/20
    I just saw an airing of Joshua’s story. It It literally took my breath away, when the notation at the end of the program announced that he had passed away. I was so filled with sorrow, knowing how he was trying to stay positive and eventually overcome his pain of so many years. His life was filled with such sorrow. Toward the end of the program, he still expressed hope and will to overcome the memories and demons that plagued him. He deserves prayers..every single day. And that is all that I can offer for him, praying that he has found the peace he so richly deserves. God bless you, Josh.

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