John Aroutiounian death: How John Aroutiounian death happened

John Aroutiounian death happened 5th May 2019. 26 year old How John Aroutiounian died of cancer.

John Aroutiounian death lailasnews

Read touching tributes from John’s loved ones below:

John Aroutiounian death:

  • From Susan Gomez:

Rest In Peace John Aroutiounian. You were among the brightest and the best. Your love of God and respect for life were noted.

To be only 26 and to be taken down by cancer is so cruel. John was a good friend of my daughter, graduating from The Academy for Gifted and Talented.

Then on to Yale,Oxford, and was attending Columbia Law School..

  • From Geng Ngarmboonanant:

Thinking of my friend, John Aroutiounian, who passed away today. Here is a column that he wrote in the @yaledailynews, titled “Death With Decency.” In it, he tells us never to celebrate the death of anyone, even those we consider enemies.

I don’t know how to process this. I will remember John as someone who challenged us to be better human beings in his writings and in real life. I think his incredibly wise words in the @yaledailynews deserve to be read far and wide.

Rest in peace, John. We miss you.

Excerpts from John’s Death with Decency:

Man is more than the sum of his parts. He is more than his biological tendencies. It is no surprise that when we see or hear about humans acting in ways corresponding to their animal-like instincts, we often get the very disconcerting sense that what is being done is actually inhuman — for it is the gap between that animal self and who we are that constitutes our nature as human beings, distinct from other animals.

This is precisely why the death penalty, a relic of our primordial past, is quickly being dispensed with.

It is why infanticide, in all its forms, will also eventually disappear.

But we haven’t adequately stomped out the phenomenon of celebrating the deaths and sufferings of others. I was reminded of this every time I heard a friend say, just this week, that they were “dancing in the streets” when they heard Baroness Thatcher had died.

I was reminded of it every time I saw pictures of young people in England drinking on the day of her death. I shuddered when I read that many people were mocking the beliefs of Rick Warren while he grieved for his son.

And I did not know what to say when I heard a student say he was happier at Thatcher’s death than bin Laden’s.

How can death ever be anything but a time to grieve? If the death involved someone with injustice in his or her past, whatever your locus for measuring injustice might be, is the cause for grief not even greater? Ought we do nothing other than mourn that, on the occasion of their death, there is so little to celebrate about how they lived?

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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