Alec Konjari death: How Alec Konjari death happened

Alec Konjari death happened May 4th, 2019 cause of death is suspected to be substance abuse.

Alec Konjari death lailasnews

Read touching tributes from Alec’s loved ones as shared on Facebook:

Alec Konjari death:

  • From Marion Chambers:

I’m sorry I failed another Friend!!
Rip Alec Konjari!!! Another sad loss for the Elan community and another soul lost way way to soon!!! Will this ever end? It really hurts to keep hearing and watching ur peers lose their battles!! You were such a funny soul and I will miss stealing ur memes all day long!!! Rest In Peace buddy the struggle is over!!!

  • From Nicolli:

Things will never be the same again, you were my everything and now you’re gone. I know you finally found the peace you deserve. not one day has gone by that I haven’t missed you or your jokes, Rest In Peace Alec Konjari. Thank you for all the love and laughter you have brought into so many lives.
Always check in on your friends and loved ones, especially if they struggle with substance abuse.

  • From Sara Loeb:

Alec Konjari you will be dearly missed. I will never be able to thank you enough for what you did for me and my family. You were the truest kind of friend. I can’t believe we were just together singing our hearts out in my car 2 weeks ago and now you’re gone. 💔

  • From Samantha Harding:

Always in my heart 🖤 rip Alec Konjari thank you for always being my shoulder to cry on, for always making me laugh, and for dealing with my endless crying phone calls. I wish i could’ve done more to save you I’m so sorry. 💔 You were such an amazing person inside and out and this world will never be the same without you.

  • From Lucas Ford:

Alec Konjari, may you sleep easy my friend. You and I went through it together, and I never thought I’d be in a world without you. I’m sorry for all the pain man, I just wish you had more time, and I hadn’t taken time for granted. I’m going to miss you so much man.

  • From Briana:

Alec Konjari your soul knew. I love you. We will meet again, so long as I have free will, we will always meet again and again.

May his soul rest in perfect peace.

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