Iyanya to go date with lady he met at Davido’s concert

Nigerian singer Iyanya has revealed that he will be going on a date with a beautiful lady he saw at Davido’s Timeless concert over the weekend.

On Monday, the singer took to Twitter to announce that there was a certain lady at the concert who kept staring at him while he was performing at the concert.

Iyanya said he had to focus on the job so she doesn’t “confuse” him. The 36-year-old musician also asked the lady to “report yourself.”

“One fine girl was eyeing me yesterday at Davido’s Timeless concert,” he wrote.

“I had to focus on the job, so this morning I remembered. If you are that fine girl report yourself now under this tweet, you wanted to confused me.”


He later posted he will be going on a date with the lady



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