Ridley Victoria death: What happened to Chicago gyal?

Ridley Victoria death: Chicago gyal obituary, cause of death – Ridley Victoria died December 2019 suddenly and unexpectedly.

Ridley Victoria death: Chicago gyal obituary, cause of death

There will be a celebration of life for Ridley tonight December 6th, 2019 at the Platform, 1579 N Milwaukee.

Please say a prayer for her grieving family mourning Ridley Victoria death as you read these tributes below:

I’ll rather remember seeing you like this
Then remember seeing you how I last saw you
(I can’t get the imagine outta my head) When the cops were speaking about everything it made me upset because they were just causally talking not understanding that my mf friend was gone
Telling me to have a good night and their sorry for my lost (i know their impartial but it still hurts)
I can’t believe you’re gone
We literally hung out 2 days ago and I was supposed to watch your cat while yuh went outta town
This wasn’t supposed to happen 😟😔😞☹️

We will be celebrating the life of Ridley Victoria
At the platform tonight
Through this hard and Devastating time
We will find solace and happiness as we come together to support each other.
I employ everyone to please come and let’s all work towards healing together
More now then ever is it important to stand as one
So please share and spread the word

Lost one of my mentees today. I think the worst pain is watching our youth leave far too soon. My stomach been in knots all day. We will miss you young one. RIP Ridley Victoria

In disbelief. Rest In Peace @ridleyvictoria_ 💗 we met through the Chicago LGBT music scene and we were set to coheadline a Halloween show together. I instantly fell in love with her music , talent and beauty! Ridley I’m so sorry the world didn’t get to see your talent yet! R.I.P

i’m so lucky to have been a part of your music journey, even just for the short time that it was. wish the whole world had gotten to hear your talent. rip

@ridleyvictoria_ I’m sorry you suffered here on earth. I wish i would’ve had the words to say to make you stay. I will miss you.

Yo. When I say @ridleyvictoria_ was a huge inspiration to me that is no cap whatsoever. I should have spoke up more and interacted with her more cuz I never really got to meet her. I was a genuine fan from afar. 😭😭😭

Woke up to the news that @ridleyvictoria_ passed away. This woman was loved and feared in the industry, she had mad potential and was gonna get hella far.

You were always part of Untouchable.

Rest easy.

Life is so short & death is so unexpected Rest easy Ridley Victoria & prayers to you, your family & friends 🙏🙏🙏 another terrible blow to Chicago’s music scene

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