Lizzy_winkle death, obituary: How Lizzy_winkle died – what happened

Lizzy_winkle death, obituary: 15 year old Roblox artist Lizzy_winkle died November 29, 2019 after a long battle with blood cancer – acute lymphoblastic leukemia.

Lizzy_winkle death, obituary: How Lizzy_winkle died

Lizzy_Winkle death was announced by her sister Mae on Twitter in a statement that read:

Today @Lizzy_Winkle’s journey ended.

Oct 17, 2004 – Nov 29, 2019.

Thank you. God bless. Stay healthy.

To everyone who’s showing their love and prayers to @Lizzy_Winkle, thank you so much. I have Lizzy’s phone and i have all your messages to be printed so people who will come and see her funeral will know how she is loved and appreciated by her Twitter and Roblox family.

Sooner or later, my sister is just going to be another name. Some may cherish her the others may not. I just want her to be remembered somehow. Before time does it’s thing, pass by.

To everyone, i may not be able to repond to all the messages. The love, prayers and appreciation that all of you are giving to my sister is overwhelming. All those youtube videos are making our sad hearts somehow happy. Thank you everyone. Things aren’t unnoticed. We promise.

I know in my heart that you made Lizzy happy for helping out those kids that are fighting the same battle that Lizzy fought. She didn’t win, but those kids will have a chance because of this.

Let’s remember Lizzy and just smile about the fact that we once had an amazing, talented and fun loving friend, sister, best friend and creator. Mask & wig, is a must have for her outfit. 🤗

Lizzy_Winkle was most notable for her creations in the Roblox Royale high community. She even created a game, Christmas Halo❄☃, which accumulated approximately 504,300 visits before being closed on February 5, 2019.

To honour Lizzy, Callmehbob, the developer known for creating the game Royale High and her husband, LauncelotHandsome set up a charity to support cancer and Lizzy’s memorial.

Lizzy_Winkle memorial game was released on December 1, 2019 as “In Loving Memory of Lizzy_Winkle” on callmehbob’s profile.

In the game, users can walk around the memorial, and write a message with a flower of their choice, to pay respects. As of December 1st, 2019, it has over 200,000 visits and over 11,000 favorites. A smaller memorial inside Royale High’s lobby was added that teleported to this game if interacted with.

Lizzy_winkle memorial game

LauncelotHandsome, (callmehbob’s husband), started a fundraising live stream for St. Jude Children’s Research Hospital, dedicated to cancer research. By the conclusion of the stream, $17,753.68 was raised for cancer donation.

Lizzy’s sister, after attending Lizzy_Winkle roblox memorial, wrote on Twitter:

Yesterday, I wrote a description mid-tears with hopes that it would speak of Lizzy’s journey & strength battling Leukemia (ALL)… but today, I smiled attending this roblox memorial for a beautiful young soul.

@eamsomar has seen your flowers🌹& art for her younger sister too.

May her soul rest in perfect peace.

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        1. That’s rude.. Because what if that was you. And you was dead. Then, she called you a dog. .do you know how could she felt. Sad.. why would someone do that.

        2. Lizzy, You were strong and kind and an Angel. Everyone misses you so so much. Nobody Imagined for you to leave our hearts so early. We all miss you . At least you are no longer suffering #FlyHighLizzy

    1. I know it is sad but.. we have to move on.. We all love her. We will remember her!. She was kind. loving.. We know but we have to move on from her. We can continue to remember her but just stay STRONG FOR HER. Love you Lizzy_Winkle

      I saw her youtube channel. I do not know if it is her channel… Somebody..or she… said i faked my death.. saying nasty stuff. like faking peeing on the camera….I was like whattttttttt. If you go to the discussion it shows what I said on her channel.

      I do not believe that was Lizzy doing that! She would never do a such thing. She is Loving, Kind hearted, a pretty nice girl… She wouldn’t never do a bad thing when she has a kind heart, a loving one… I was seeing if anyone could see what i replied and you too Leah Ashe..

      Sorry… I switched the topic. But Leah Ashe i watch your videosss.

      But that doesn’t mean I don’t love all the supporters, and Lizzy. I love you all!~

  1. Dear Lizzy, Roses are red, my heart is too. Please be safe, we all miss you. I will see you in heaven Lizzy when I’m old. Fly high and be Safe! <3 We all love you. ~Love Jennifer

  2. I miss her so much and I will see her when I die and she was so kind and nice to everybody and fly high Lizzy and i miss you so much and you were awesome to everybody and we love you with all our heart and We are not happy that you had to go through blood cancer for 20 months now and be safe and I was crying all-day now.

  3. I didn’t know Lizzy but she seemed like such a nice person and I’m sad that shes gone. I’ve seen all the tweets, posts and videos. Fly high Lizzy! ;~;

  4. Dear Lizzy, I have never met you but I know some people have never heard of you and that’s okay. But all that matters is that you were joy to people. For example, you helped Royale High design some or most of their wings with your beautiful talents and designs. You also battled Blood Cancer for 20 Months! I’m so happy that you kept strong and kept fighting but sadly cancer got the best of you on November 29th 2019. I hope your having the best healthiest life ever up in heaven. I will pray for you and your family god bless your family. All prayers to your family, may you Rest In Peace Lizzy_Winkle <3.

  5. Roses are red voilets are blue!
    Don’t worry we’ll be there too!
    When we grow up of course*
    We all miss you with all our might
    Stay safe and NEVER EVER give up your hope!
    Keep fighting t’ill you win war.
    To lizzy’s sister *
    Dear lizzy_winkle’s sister
    I know you missed your sister…
    We all miss her too!
    Never give up hope. Lizzy will miss you too…
    But you can wear all of the things she made in royale high!
    To lizzy_winkles’s mother
    Dear lizzy’s mother.
    We miss her With all our might
    I wished i could help but my parents are strict and will never let me help with money but help with real cash like at school. But they have to return the cash
    To lizzy_winkle’s dad
    Dear lizzy_winkle’s dad
    I tried I miss her too!
    I wishes I could be tgere to say to her “Stay Strong”
    But she ended too soon.
    Never Ever give up hope she will miss you and forever will..

    1. I feel really sorry for the death ,
      And Lizzy was very much one of the best,
      I hope you fly high beloved Lizzy
      I will remember you although I’m very dizzy

  6. I dont know you but i cried for u when i knew u died at such young age and you were a developer of my favourite game royale high tbh Lizzy im playing the classic royale high right now and wearing the flower crown that you designed ur so talented never forgotten. im sorry for what happened to #FlyHighLizzy RIP Rest my dear ily and i mis you all tho i dont know you .
    Love- Marileah

  7. I didn’t really know you at all but when I saw the memorial in Roblox my heart dropped you were the love of my life(not like that) but I loved you!
    you gave me a lot of ideas what to do with my Creations and outfit! I hope I meet you one day in heaven, you are such a beautiful strong girl I know you fought hard and I wish you fought even harder, never ever ever! give up in your life. I love you, again stay strong stay awesome stay sweet, hope I meet you one day, wish you were still alive -Mika

  8. Hello, Lizzy you fought so hard, we will miss you. At least now you wont have to battle cancer and all of this and you might be happy! I hope you live a WONDERFUL life in heaven where you are right now. #FlyHighLizzy_Winkle.

  9. Hi i didnt no Lizzy but then memorials popped up every where, and i had to find out.
    and im glad i did because she sounds amazing………
    Fly high Lizzy

  10. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    We will soon be there with you!
    We all love you,
    You’re so sweet,
    Also to Lizzy’s sister,
    I know you miss your sister,
    All her subscribers do,
    We all love her just like you do! Again #FlyHighLizzy

  11. Our hearts are red, and yours is to, God had a plan that was meant for you. You showed us love. We showed that to. Lizzie we will all miss you. You may have left but it wasn’t in vein Lizzie we will never forget your name. We all loved you so much, And I hope you loved us to. Because no matter what you do, we will love you through & through

  12. 29th November 2019
    Our dearest angel flew her way back to heaven, after having a nice time on earth.
    All my prayers and all my love went to our dearest Lizzy_WI wish I was there that very moment at her funeral…Unfortunately, I couldn’t I didn’t know her in real life!
    I was down in tears the moment I saw those posts on twitter about her death I was lost for words. All my love and prayers
    -Evie <3

  13. Hi y’all, um I just want to say that I’m really sorry to hear about Lizzy. We all miss her so much. I will pray for God to watch over Lizzy in heaven. Bye y’all!

  14. hi y’all, um, well I’m so sorry to here about Lizzy. I will pray to God and ask that he watches over Lizzy in heaven. We all miss Lizzy Winkle. We will all see her soon in heaven!

  15. We hope that lizzy will have a good time in heaven and watch her family and her friends too and I always pray to god that he would protect and take care of lizzy’s family and friends and her too and I’m very sad that lizzy died that make her sister sad and lizzy will watch her sister too up in heaven.

  16. We all love you Lizzy_Winkle. We have to move on!. I am not saying. We have to forget you and everything like that. I am saying we have to remember you and stay strong. Just for you.

    You are in a better place. I am glad you are a better place!

    I noticed on a channel. I do not know if its somebody or not Lizzy. But somebody or Lizzy.. But on a channel. There was some nasty, not positive things on their. Saying, “I fake my death idiots. I just faked it because I wasn’t famous and wanted to get attention.” Faking peeing on the camera. If you go to the the Discussion it talks about that I know that is not Lizzy.

    Lizzy has a positive energy, positive vibe, has a kind heart, loving heart, caring. We know she wouldn’t do a thing like that. She is a pretty girl who wouldn’t do that.. I do not know if thats, your family, friends.. .But…. I hope that isn’t you Lizzy..

    Yes my real name is Bethany… I love you Lizzy

    My roblox: Jackliner7
    Lizzy Roblox: Lizzy_Winkle

    -Love, Bethany
    Rest in peace, My beautiful angel.
    All of our supporters of you Loves you

  17. Lizzy, we all miss you so much . Nobody imagined you would leave our hearts so early. You where strong , Powerful , And and angel . Thank God , you are no longer suffering. God Bless You Lizzy . #FlyHighLizzy

  18. I liked her videos she was the best I wish she did not go to that battle but she was doing the good thing but when she was she got shoot lizzy_winkles sister if ur reading this I miss lizzy

  19. I loved Lizzy she was a smart befitufail kind girl!!😁 Wvwn tho she passed we still all remember her I cant belive she passed this way…But we all love her and we all would like to thank callmehbob and her husband thank you for supporting lizzy she is probably so proud! I willl pray every night to make sure that lizzy is safe in her safe place called heaven She was so sweet and we all are so so sorry for her having to go at the age of 15 we all miss her very much and even tho shes not seeing her fans comments she is still watching us all down below! I just wanted to say that EVERYONE on planet Earth Is Special Is Do not Matter what u look like or if u have some kind of a disease Everoyne is awesome and beautiful/Handsome I remember one day I met her on roblox I cried so much.. She sent me a friend request I accepted it we became roblox bff but sadly I saw this post I was heart broken… But I still believed in her…I LOVED HER😓😓😓😥😪😓😖😔😢😖☹😞I’m sure we all did…Lizzy im just letting u know that U are so awesome u are my number one favorite person and it wont change I loved how u were a gamer and ur so so so kind!!

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