Alexander Elliott missing FOUND DEAD: Alex Elliott missing

Alexander Elliott missing since December 10, 2019 has been found dead. Alex Elliott body was recovered in the water Thursday morning January 2, 2020 near Wando Terminal.

Alexander Elliott missing: Alex Elliott missing since Dec 10, 2019

Alexander Elliott missing body was positively identified as the 20 year old, according to Mount Pleasant Inspector Chris Rozier.

The desperate plea for help to find Alex Elliott missing since December 10, 2019 after he was last seen at Memorial Waterfront Park in Mount Pleasant has now been called off.

Weeks before he went missing, 20 year old Alex Elliot had recently been struggling with severe depression.

His mother, Kim Elliott, describes him as a introvert who would lend a helping hand to anyone. She said Alex has been battling some mental health issues over the last few weeks.

Hoping that her son is spending time in solitude and that he comes home soon on his own, Kim said:

“I see him withdrawing from everybody. He loves being away from people; he’s not a people person.”

Family members have been helping her put up fliers around the Lowcountry to help spread the word.

Anyone with information regarding Alexander Elliott is urged to contact the Mount Pleasant Police Department’s Detective Buono at 843-884-4176 or

Alexander Elliott missing: Alex Elliott missing since Dec 10, 2019

Alex mother Kim has exhausted all resources through law enforcement and volunteers who continue to search for him near and around the Ravenel bridge. A GoFundMe was launched as his family continues to look for him.

During this time Kim has been unable to work as she grieves for her missing son and continues trying to remain strong for her son Justin.

See the GoFundMe page HERE.

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