“I’m tired of them” – 55-yr-old man divorces his 3 wives on same day

An ex-polygamous man has divorced all his three wives on the same day, making himself a single father of seven children.

The Ugandan man, Mutiatya, who claims to have visited 14 countries revealed the reason why he decided to divorce all his wives while being interviewed by Afrimax.

He explained that he was tired of his wives’ behavior towards him ever since he lost his job.

Mutiatya said that his wives began to disrespect him after he went broke and they had begun having affairs with other men.

He said …

“The reason I chased them is because of their bad behaviour. At the very beginning, they were all humble and hardworking women who were ready to build a good big family.

In the end, they all started misbehaving, something I could never tolerate and the decision was to chase them away. It was harsh but a decent one as they no longer want to be decent women in the house.”

He notes that he now makes a living by selling jewelries and any other valuable thing he can lay his fingers on, adding that he now cares for other people’s kids because his children are all grown and out of the country.

Watch video below …


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