I’m on Putin’s hit list – Ukraine-based Nigerian pastor, Sunday Adelaja (Video)

A Ukraine-based Nigerian pastor, Sunday Adelaja, has raised an alarm following the declaration of war on the country by Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Adelaja disclosed that he’s one of the influential people on Putin’s hit list.

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The pastor, based in Ukraine’s capital of Kyiv, said Putin intends to eliminate him and other influential people if Russian forces capture the city.

To this end, Adelaja said he and his family had to run away to a safe place.

“…From American intelligence, we got to know that they (Russia) have a list for elimination; this is not ordinary people but those who are influential. And I’m on that list.

“I knew I was on the list because I was declared a persona non-grata in Russia since 2005. I have been a personal enemy of Putin for over 20 years now, and he banned me from going to Russia, so I know I will be on that list.”

Since Thursday, Russia started a military operation in Ukraine over the country’s decision to join NATO.

Russian forces are currently heading towards Kyiv, intending to capture the capital city.


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