I’m afraid of that place – Man shares funny message he received from cab driver

A Ghanaian man got people laughing on microblogging platform, Twitter when he shared a snapshot of the message he received from an e-hailing driver.

The young guy known as @andyynunoo had apparently booked a ride on Yanga, a transport company, but when a driver who was available saw the location, he declined.

He told the awaiting passenger via the messaging app that he cannot drive to that particular address because he is scared of the neighbourhood.

The scared driver then suggested in the message that Andy should order another ride on the platform, and the response left him in utter amazement.

“Sorry pls kindly order another one am afraid of that place pls,” the Yanga driver wrote in the message.

Sharing the screenshot on his Twitter page, @andyynunoo wrote: “This driver tear me o 😂💔”

See the post below:


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