If I did juju for you, come pay my percentage or else – Spiritualist issues warning to clients

A female spiritualist has sent serious warning to ritualists and internet fraudsters aka Yahoo boys whom she did charms for, to enable them cash out massively.

She called them out for refusing to give her a cut out of the money they made which was in contravention of an agreement they had for her to perform some juju rituals for them.

The woman revealed that after she performed the rituals, the yahoo boys had pledged to give her a certain percentage from their earnings, but till date they have failed to keep to their end of the bargain.

In her warning message, she said if they do not come of their own accord, she’d be forced to make them meet unpleasant fates through other means.

The spiritualist gave her clients an ultimatum to visit her between now and December to give her the share of their wealth or she’d go ahead with her diabolic plans.

Watch video below:


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