I worked with dubious team – Terry G calls out former managers

Nigerian singer Terry G has called out his former manager for allegedly overbooking him, regardless of whether he was available or not.

Terry G called out his former management in a social media post on Sunday, while summarising his unexplained absence from the music scene.

While apologising to show promoters about some questionable practices by his ex-manager, the singer accused his previous management of overbooking him and not refunding promoters.

He wrote: “To all show promoters: I worked with a dubious team (managers), which created a false narrative about me.

“They accepted bookings without my knowledge. I’m only human and I use this platform to apologise to you all. I’m happy to clear this up, as it has been [the] reason why you all haven’t been hearing or seeing Terry G. Thanks.”

This is coming days after the singer announced his retirement from music.

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