I turned down some movie roles because of my child – Actress Bisola Aiyeola

Reality TV star and Nollywood actress, Bisola Aiyeola, has opened up on how being a mother shapes the roles she accepts.

The single mother of one said she is always conscious of the acting roles she accepts in the movie industry because of her child.

“I have a growing child and sometimes some of the roles you take can affect her positively or negatively. Especially because she is growing… You have other children around her who have different thoughts on what their parents do and so I have to be careful with some stories because I have to think that, in the long run, would it be a good look for my child?’” she said

The actress said her trajectory has been one of patience and putting her daughter first, no matter what.

She said, unknown to many, that she has been in the industry for years, even before going on the Big Brother Naija reality show in 2017.

She noted that her passion has been her driving force.

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