I don’t force people to accept my relationship advice – Blessing Okoro

Controversial relationship counselor, Blessing Okoro, popularly known as Blessing CEO, has said that she does not force anyone to accept the advice she regularly dishes out on social media.

She claimed that all her advice and remarks can neither be categorised as ‘right or wrong’ due to the fact that people have different beliefs, so they can pick what they want.

Speaking in an interview with Saturday Beats, Blessing Okoro said why her statements are noteworthy is not because of what she is saying, but rather the reflection of the person they see in what she posits.

She said; “There is nothing I say that is wrong or right. People have different beliefs. I don’t force anyone to accept my opinions. It is not about what I am saying; it is about who they are seeing in what I am saying.

When people are seeing their reflection, they don’t like who is holding the mirror. Not everything I say is for everyone. People should pick what they want and leave.”

The social media adviser noted that she is an empathic person who doesn’t like looking for trouble and or hurting people.

She, however, said if people come for her first, her retaliation is usually ‘louder’ because disrespect is something she does not condone.

Blessing said; “I don’t like to offend people, except I do something that I don’t know about. I am a very careful person. I don’t look for trouble, but when people come for me, mine is ‘louder’. I have empathy but I have built walls around , and would not take disrespect.”

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