I stopped loving her years ago – Man declares readiness to pay wife ‘plenty money’ to divorce him

A Nigerian man has revealed that he is tired of being married to his current wife as he’s fallen out of love with her.

He revealed that he’s not been in love with her for more than two years now and he wants a divorce as he cannot stay with her for another month.

The married man who shared his dilemma via anonymous messaging platform, NGL, also indicated willingness to pay her off with a huge sum of money if she agrees to divorce him.

He wrote; “I want to divorce my wife but I don’t want it to scatter my family. I have fallen out of love with her for over 2 years now. Like, I see her exactly as my relative now. No probs, I have plenty of money to settle her with but I gotta go. I can’t stay in this marriage for another month again.”

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