I jumped inside the river – Missing actor Ijoba Lande says after he was found

Comedian Ganiyu Kehinde aka Ijoba Lande has opened up after he went missing for days.
According to him, he tried to drown himself by jumping into a river because he was depressed.
The comedian made this known in a live Instagram on Thursday night where he noted that he had left his phone behind deliberately.
Speaking in a live video on Instagram on Friday, Ijoba Lande said, “Nobody kidnapped me. I was not charmed. I thought it out myself and jumped into the river. I did that because I was told that the places where I have been to with cars I will go there on foot and it happened.”
The comedian’s wife had posted on the actor’s Instagram page on Tuesday, saying that her husband left home without his phone, and she was confused and didn’t know what to do
He added that he was not kidnapped but left his house himself, then went on to appreciate his fans and colleagues for their efforts while he was away, adding that depression was real.
He said, “I appreciate everyone. They said almost everyone posted. I want to tell everyone that depression is real and I want to tell the whole world that nobody kidnapped me. I did it intentionally, but thank God I am back.”
The video ended abruptly after he broke down in tears while on his knees asking for pardon from his well-wishers.

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