I had a hit song but didn’t have food at home – Oladips on being exploited by Reminisce

Nigerian rapper, Oladips has shared his experience when he was signed to the LRR Records owned by his senior colleague, Reminisce.

Speaking on The Honest Bunch podcast with OAP Nedu, Oladips revealed the challenges he faced during his time with Reminisce’s record label despite the success of his hit track “Lalakukulala” in 2017.

The rapper shared how the song was gaining popularity, yet he struggled financially to the point of not being able to afford food.

According to him, this financial strain, along with other issues, led him to part ways with the record label in 2019.

In 2019, Oladips disclosed that he left LRR Records with only N23,000 in his bank account, alleging that he was coerced into signing a fraudulent deal by Reminisce.

The rapper expressed regret about his decision to join Reminisce’s label in his diss track “Maybe,” where he claimed that Reminisce accused him of not generating enough revenue for the label, making life challenging for him as an artist under the record label.

Oladips also claimed that LRR Records took advantage of him, cutting off his income and causing him to miss out on other business opportunities.


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