I can leave my man for N500,000 – Nigerian lady (Video)

A group of Nigerian ladies have revealed the amount of money that would be enticing enough for them to breakup with their boyfriends.

The first young woman said that if she sees N500,000, her relationship will end immediately because she does not know what they are doing currently.

She initially mentioned N500 million but changed her mind and said N500k is good enough for her to leave.

Another lady said that for $5000, she would speedily leave her boyfriend because he has been misbehaving.

They both spoke during a street Vox Pop which was conducted before Valentine’s Day and the second lady said that she suspects it’s because February 14 was approaching that her man was acting funny.

According to the young woman, she asked him for money and he refused to give her so if she sees 5000 dollars, she will take it and leave him without looking back.

When asked what she would do if her man sees the interview, she said that they will have to break up in reality.

Watch the video below:


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