I accompanied him to bus park – Lady finds out boyfriend traveled for his wedding after seeing his friend’s status

A Nigerian lady has broken down in tears after realising that her boyfriend traveled to the village to marry someone else.

She said her man informed her that he was traveling to the village so she accompanied her man and his friend to the bus park because he could not travel with his private car.

The girlfriend had insisted on going with him on the trip but he refused. However, his friend later posted photo of his invitation card which was how she found out her man traveled to do his traditional wedding.

According to her, the guy’s friend deleted the post almost immediately but it was too late as she had already seen it. She cried bitterly in a video which surfaced online and said she was shattered.

In her words; “My boyfriend told me he is traveling to the village on Sunday. I escorted him and his best friend to the motor park cos he was scared of traveling with his car.

Wanted to go with him but he refused. Now his best friend posted his invitation card and deleted it immediately but I already saw it.

Tomorrow is his traditional marriage. On Saturday his white wedding. Am devastated Am shattered, I can’t breathe Am dying Why me!”

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