Man slams girlfriend for breaking his heart days after gushing over her online

A Nigerian man has taken to social media to lament after getting his heart broken by his girlfriend whom he cherished dearly.

He revealed that they dated for a year and few months but it ended on a sour note just days after he bragged about their relationship on Twitter.


On September 6, the man known as Adevibez posted some love up photos with her and captioned; β€œThis could be us , but you no quick reply my Dm 🤪β€” OTILO niyen”

However, he took to his page again on 15th of September to lash out at her, saying he thought she was different.

Ade wrote; β€œAfter 1year and few months of been official ,I thought you were different 💔. Den again this gender strikes again. You all are Scum.”

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