How touts started respecting me after I rescued a police officer – Filmmaker Umoren

A Nigerian filmmaker, Imoh Umoren has recounted how he saved a police officer from a group of touts and the subsequent respect it earned him.

He said that he stopped them when they were beating up the police personnel only for them to turn on him and dispossess him of his personal effects.

Imoh said he took the matter to the chairman of the area boys, who then ordered them to return everything back to him.

According to the TV producer, he gave the chairman some money as well as the asaulted security personnel and till this day the touts throw salutations whenever they see him.

In his words; “I once stopped area boys from beating up a police man, then the area boys obtained me, then I went to see their chairman who made them return everything to me and I found him something and found the policeman something. Now those area boys call me Chairman when they see me.”

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