How jealous family member poisoned me, my brother – Mr Ibu

Veteran Nollywood actor, John Okafor aka Mr Ibu, has disclosed how a jealous family member poisoned him and his elder brother.

Mr Ibu made the allegations while sharing a testimony of his healing at a church of a popular Nigerian pastor

if you recall in March Mr Ibu called on Nigerians to intercede on his behalf after revealing that he was poisoned at an event in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja.

This was the third time the veteran comic actor will be poisoned in three years.

However, while sharing his testimony in a video circulating social media, Mr Ibu added that he was delivered from the poison through prayers from the cleric.

He said, “I was poisoned by another person who doesn’t like me. He administered the poison to me, I tried to treat myself with local herbs but somebody told me not to approach the poison wrongly unless I was prepared to go to the other side.”

He continued, “I was seeing myself going close to the other side but God said no.

“The same boy poisoned my elder brother. We are the same family but since God started helping me, I started buying things, buying motors, dashing people, build houses, he wasn’t happy. He was really looking for means to eliminate me but God said no.”

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