How a man I healed of cancer gifted me a custom-made jet – Evangelist Samuel-Wemimo

A Nigerian Minister of God, Gbenga Samuel-Wemimo, has revealed that he will be taking delivery of his first private jet in the next two years courtesy of a man he healed.

According to the founder of Citizenship of Zion Gospel Orientation school, he healed the man of leg cancer at Gatwick airport.

Samuel-Wemimo explained that the man decided to thank him by asking him to order a custom-made jet which does not have to pay for.

Gbenga wrote; ”I ordered my first private jet yesterday. It will take two years to be built and delivered because I wanted it to be brand new

PS: Before you start crying “Pastors this, Pastors that”, note that I didn’t buy it with my money, I was encouraged to order it by a man I healed at the Gatwick Airport yesterday

It all happened in a jiffy and as this man was healed of cancer of the leg (he was raised from a wheelchair) He said “You need to be able to reach the world in real time and not wait here at the airport while your flight is delayed for hours.

I didn’t ask for it or see it coming

I didn’t even know he could afford a private jet because of how he was dressed

I just did the gospel as I have always done

The gospel introduced the life of Jesus to this young man and prompted him to say “I will buy this, just order it”

When I had my first crusade at Ojota in 2018, my biological father saw the pictures on Facebook and th3 stinker he sent to me was legendary.

He said “I paid millions to put you through Bowen University and you have chosen to throw it all away by carrying the Bible and microphone like a beggar?

The words were like strokes on came on my back but I had seen my future in Christ in 2007 and I knew time would convince the world that obeying the Lord is the smartest move for any man.

Now for those who may be saying “sell it and give the money to the poor”, please be smart and check my timeline, I have had the poor on monthly payroll for years through the ministry Widows, orphans, prisoners, those in hospitals, students, start up businesses and welfare cases by the millions are taken care of by the ministry daily…”

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