Gerard Way Lauren death: My Chemical Romance Lauren dead

Gerard Way Lauren death: Beloved My Chemical Romance Lauren is dead.

News about Lauren death broke today July 11, 2019 and according to some reports, Lauren Valencia died due to cancer.

Gerard Way Lauren death

Gerard Way Lauren death:

Lauren was the manager of My Chemical Romance (MCR) a rock band from New Jersey formed in 2001. The band consisted of Gerard Way – Lead singer, Mikey Way – Bass, Ray Toro – Lead Guitar and Frank Iero – Rhythm guitar.

Read touching tributes from all who loved Laurem Valencia. may her soul rest in perfect peace.

  • From Catherine Gibson:

So sad to hear about Lauren Valencia. Sending everyone from the MCR family and her other friends and family so much love today!

  • From Annie Zaleski:

So sad to hear about the passing of Lauren Valencia (@ferosh), the one-time My Chemical Romance manager who was so incredibly kind and accommodating to me during our interactions. She was the type of person who was nice to you even when nobody was looking–a rare gift.

  • From Marat Berenstein:

Heartbroken over the news. Rest In Paradise, Lauren Valencia. 💔

  • From Jen Agudelo Luque:

Very sad to hear about the passing of Lauren Valencia aka @ferosh she was a joyful soul, extremely generous, humble and kind woman. During a very special time of my life, she was a hero and a breeze of light air. My thoughts are with her family and friends right now.


Lauren Valencia death: My Chemical Romance Lauren death

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