Genevieve is fond of pulling away from friends and colleagues – Kate Henshaw

Nigerian movie star, Kate Henshaw has opened up on the complicated nature of her friendship with Genevieve Nnaji and her habit of ghosting people.

She said Genevieve likes to pull away from everybody and leaves them wondering whether they did something wrong to her.

Henshaw spoke during a recent interview with journalist, Chude Jideonwo as she recalled their recent encounter during an ad campaign for Netflix.

She said the ‘Lionheart’ producer was very friendly and cordial during the shoot overseas, and they had not seen or spoken for years prior to the meeting.

According to Henshaw, her reserved colleague gave her some suggestions on the job and she was surprised only for Genevieve to suddenly bid them goodbye and disappear immediately the production was complete.

The thespian, however, said that she respects Genevieve and noted that she sees her as the Nollywood equivalent of American actress, Angelina Jolie, who often lives a private life without much social interaction.

Kate Henshaw said; “Sometimes she pulls away from everybody and you are like ‘Am I smellin?’ we met at a Netflix shoot, we were to shoot a commercial… and before then we hadn’t seen, we hadn’t spoken for years and she was so so nice to me.

“And then she left the set before us and then she said; ‘Oh Kate I’ve gone, just wanted to say goodbye’. You know but I respect her despite the fact that she pulls away, I think she is like an Angelina Jolie, just want to be on your own.”

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