Female robbers flee as ladies they tried to rob chase them off with gun (Video)

A video making the rounds on social media shows a robbery gone wrong moment involving two ladies who tried to steal from two fellow women.

The attempted robbery happened in the hallway of a residential building and it was captured by a neighbour’s CCTV camera.

The two female robbers who wore face masks could be seen walking up the stairs to wait for their victim on the upper floor.

When the two girls who live in the building reached their floor and were heading to their apartment, the robbers quickly rushed down to try and dispossess them of their belongings but one of the residents was holding a gun.

She fired gunshots in their direction and the assailants had to take to their heels. But it seems one of them was hit by bullet.

In the clip, a man who heard the gunshots go off opened his door to find out what was happening, but he did not spend seconds outside his apartment before he quickly shut the door.



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