Ex-Italian PM, Berlusconi leaves €100M to 33-year-old girlfriend in his will

Italy’s former prime minister, Silvio Berlusconi has left a whopping €100million to his 33-year-old girlfriend.
Berlusconi died last month.
He also left €30million to an associate with mafia ties – in a will described as ‘worthy of a soap opera’.
The billionaire, who was one of Italy’s richest men when he died aged 86, also settled a dispute over which of his five children would take control of his business empire.
The bulk of the tycoon’s portfolio of publishing, banking and TV interests – worth a staggering £5.8billion – has been left to his eldest two children.
Meanwhile, his girlfriend Marta Fascina, who at 33 was 53 years his junior, has been left a huge sum, despite the pair never tying the knot after his children dissuaded him. Berlusconi’s younger brother, Paolo, also inherited €100million.
Disputes over who would inherit what, which are said to have gripped the powerful family after the controversial politician’s death following leukaemia treatment on June 12, now appear to have been officially resolved.
In his will, Berlusconi said the bequests for Fascina, his younger brother Paolo, and mafia-linked business associate, Marcello Dell’Utri, were in recognition ‘of the love I had for them and the love they had for me,’ DailyMail reports.

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