At the recent launch of TECNO Phantom x2—which took place on Friday, January 20, 2023, at the Jewel Aeida event center in Lagos—celebrities from various sectors and industries cutting across entertainment, technology, and fashion all arrived looking stunning, and glam just like the device unveiled over the cause of the night. We have compiled our top 5 favorite looks for the night, from simple yet classy outfits to edgy creative outfits!


Bella, 2nd runner up of BBN S7, dressed in a chic outfit and dazzling smile that gives the chic vibes, comes in 5th place!


In 4th place, we have Chiomzy BBN 7 housemate came in dressed in a classy jumpsuit outfit that gave the Chiomzy BBN vibe!

Juliet Ibrahim comes in third. Juliet is dressed in a simple blue but elegant dress. She knows her style.

The second best dressed goes to Nollywood baby gal Sharon Ooja.

Sharon didn’t disappoint with her black and blue-themed outfit. Sharon does look very chic, and her smile sure compliments the looks!

Coming in first, we have the ever-dramatic, show stopper diva Toyin Lawani aka Tiannahs place,

Toyin went Beyond the Extraordinary with her Phantom X2-inspired orange skirt, worn with a dramatic black top that got heads turning, and the paparazzi couldn’t get enough of her outfit.

Toyin won the best-dressed award!

The Phantom x2 is a device that speaks premium and brings you closer to the world around you. Its unique unibody double-curved build and a 3.5D lunar crater design in three mysterious, space-inspired colors with an industry-first retractable. The innovative lens empowers users to capture portraits comparable to professional camera shots with a pocket-sized device.

The Phantom X2 pro comes in an Eco-Friendly Edition featuring a pioneering microfiber back cover made from recycled plastic. This device is a must-have for all.

Tell us your top best-dressed celebrities!

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