Cardi B reacts to husband Offset public allegations of infidelity

Popular American rapper, Cardi B, has reacted after her husband, Offset, went public to lay heavy accusations of infidelity on her.

He had claimed in an Instagram post he made, that his wife had an affair with another man behind his back.

Expressing his deep disappointment, the rapper wrote: “My wife fcked a nigga on me gang yall nigga know how I come,”

In her response on Twitter space, Cardi made a song out of her reply, suggesting that her husband was accusing her of the same thing he does.

The couple has had a tumultuous relationship in the past, with several public breakups and reconciliations.

Just a few days ago, Cardi had said that if she ever divorced her husband, she would make hit songs out of the experience.

She added that she would marry another rich man if they eventually divorced.


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