The Lagos Fashion Week is an annual event that showcases the talent, enterprise, and creative strengths of designers in the Nigerian fashion industry.

This year’s event was the 11th edition. Like previous editions, it was all style, glamour, and creativity. Fashion experts and enthusiasts who watched the event’s glitz and colour were impressed by the innovative ideas showcased by prominent fashion designers.

One would think that technology would not be a great mix with fashion. However, Global Smartphone Leader, TECNO, has, over the years, given top-notch creative contributions to the Lagos Fashion Week since the commencement of their smartphone sponsorship at the fashion week. Year after year, they have raised the bar with their photo booth. There is always a melange of style, art, tech, and creativity in their photo booth.

TECNO’s approach to the event was themed “Tech Meets Fashion 2.0”. The smartphone brand showed how tech and fashion go hand in hand, as seen in the creative work put into achieving the TECNO Photo Booth.

This booth consistently drew attention due to its excellent use of colour and ambience, making it an almost fascinating aspect of the exhibition as fashion lovers took turns to have their pictures taken there.

This booth featured style, art, and innovation, offering a serene environment with its predominantly white colour. But adding vibrant and alluring colours, such as red, yellow, and deep blue, added a creative flair to the design. The clever use of lighting was the finishing touch to the inventive booth, creating a wonderful atmosphere for photos and a mind-blowing experience for everyone who used it.

The booth was powered by one of TECNO’s CAMON 19 series, released earlier this year. It would interest you to know the device was inspired by art, making it a perfect match for fashion week.

The device has a 16MP selfie camera which provides clear images, and the back camera is not a disappointment as you can take bespoke photos with the 64MP rear camera.

The memories captured on this phone are bound to be with you for a long time as you have 128GB of memory space to keep your photos, videos, and other content with no need to delete one thing for another permanently. As always, with TECNO, you have all you need, as they stop at nothing to provide devices that meet all your needs.

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