Alleged Maltreatment of Band members: KWAM1 hits back at former drummer

Fuji musician Wasiu Ayinde Marshal, popularly known as K1 de Ultimate, has hit back at his former drummer Kunle Ayanlowo who accused him of maltreating his band members.

Kunle made the accusation in a recent interview on Agbaletu TV in which he talked about the “harsh treatment” he endured while working with K1, and painted a picture of alleged exploitation and control.

He described instances where K1 allegedly confiscated their passports upon returning to Nigeria, and exercised dominance over their movements.

Ayanlowo recounted distressing incidents, including one where he was allegedly ordered to return home while en route to the hospital for urgent medical treatment.

He attributed the stress and strain of such encounters to the onset of an ulcer, highlighting the lasting impact of his experiences with K1.

Responding to the allegations in his distinctive Yoruba musical style, K1 de Ultimate in a recent video on Instagram asked Kunle to desist from spreading false information about him while cautioning against the influence of dishonest individuals in his circle.

He highlighted his role in Kunle’s rise to fame and expressed disappointment at what he perceived as an attempt to tarnish his reputation.

“Lairs and naysayers get away from me, stop lying. Trying to damage the reputation that raised you when you were a nobody. Disassociate from liars, you have nothing to gain from them,” he said in parts.

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