Alleged child defilement: Dr Olaleye accuses wife of framing him

The Medical Director of Optimal Cancer Care Foundation, Dr. Olufemi Olaleye, who is charged with defiling his wife’s 16-year-old niece, has denied the allegation and also accused his wife of framing him up to take over his house.

Dr Olaleye, who is facing a two-count charge of defilement and sexual penetration against a minor, denied the allegations while testifying in his own defence before the Lagos State Domestic and Sexual Offence, Court in Ikeja.

The prosecution claimed that the offences which occurred between February 2020 and November 2021 in his Maryland, Lagos home violated sections 137 and 261 of the Criminal Laws of Lagos State, 2015.

The defendant, had, however, pleaded not guilty at his arraignment.

While being led in evidence by his lawyer, Babatunde Ogala (SAN), Olaleye told the trial judge, Justice Rahman Oshodi, that the testimonies of the survivor and that of his wife were incorrect.

The defendant’s wife, Aderemi Olaleye, in her testimony before the court had stated, “My lord, on 27th November 2021, my niece told my aunty that since March 2020, Femi has been sexually abusing her and even introduced her to pornography. From there, he graduated to oral sex with her and he does this in different places in the home where there are no cameras”.

But Dr. Olaleye countered this evidence, stating that the allegation surfaced after the couple had a serious misunderstanding.

The defence witness told the judge that the marriage between the couple was a rocky relationship because of his wife’s deceptions and an extra-marital affair.

The defendant, who referred to his wife, as Mrs. Anthonia Ijeoma Yetunde Fagbemi, further said, “During the course of the marriage, Anthonia, I mean (Remi) continued to have extra-marital affairs, she also took a loan to buy a car”.

The defendant told the court that he shared the same bedroom with his wife on the second floor of their two-storey building and had 16 Close Circuit Television (CCTV) cameras installed in the house.

He said, “For security purposes, I installed four internal and four external CCTV cameras but shortly after the girl started living with us, my wife compelled me to install additional eight cameras.

“The CCTV cameras cover all angles, every room with the exception of toilets. There are two CCTV cameras in my bedroom alone,” he said.

The defendant told the court that he left the house on November 27, 2021, because he had a fight with his wife due to her insistence that her name should be on the documents of the house.

“I had just finished paying all encumbrances and she saw that her name was not included. I told her it is my property but it is for her and my children. This led to a fight.

“I got upset and told her I was no longer interested in the marriage. I came to the house on November 28, the following day, and my children drew my attention to the fact that there had been a serious beating of the girl by their mother and that I should go check the CCTV.

“This was where I saw a brutal assault lasting for over 10 minutes with iron, hammer, and footwear on this defenceless young lady that lived in my house”.

“My attempt to find out what was wrong was met with more insult between me and my wife. I protected the young lady and drove out of my house with her”.

He added that by this time, his wife was already insinuating things about him.

He added that in the evening, he received an invitation to report to the Police station.

“I was informed of a sexual allegation by Remi, the complainant. I was detained for six days. My lord, in the course of the six days, I didn’t have access to my phone, I was released after signing an undertaking and released on bail.

“I tried to contact my wife and she made it clear that I’m not allowed and welcomed in the house. I said if you are no longer interested in the marriage, get a divorce. I tried to reconcile with her and sort out the misunderstanding.

“Four months later, I was invited by the Gender Department of the Police. The allegations were repeated to me and I denied them. Then I was detained again, this time around I had a lawyer. I was detained for eight days before I was released on bail.

“Remi reached out to my cousin that she wanted mediators to come to our home. The outcome of the meeting was that she proposed conditions to be met before I could be released. They asked her for the list and her lawyer drafted up a Memorandum of Understanding, MOU, which was brought to me at the Gender section of the Police station. I was told that I have to sign this MOU in addition to a trust form to transfer the ownership of my house to the children.
“Initially, she wanted to transfer the house to her name but I refused,” Olaleye said.

Justice Oshodi has adjourned the matter to May 22 for the continuation of the trial.

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