Actress Ronke Oshodi Oke daughter allegedly poisoned in school

Nollywood actress, Ronke Oshodi Oke has called out a certain private university in Nigeria over negligence after her daughet was allegedly poisoned by her friends in her hostel.

Ronke, in a video on her Instagram page, said her daughter was taken to three different hospitals for treatment after someone laced her drinking water with a brand of laundry bleach.

Calling on parents to be mindful of their children, she also warned the school to ensure that such occurrences were avoided.

According to her, her daughter’s roommate may have deliberately poured hypo in the water she drank.

She said, “My daughter is in university now. About three weeks ago, they called me around 3:45am to say that my daughter Jummy drank hypo. I was like hypo? How will my daughter drink hypo?

”I went to the hospital she was in. She was crying. She wasn’t herself.

“What happened is that maybe her roommate or her friends deliberately poured hypo into the water that she drank. They wanted to kill her.”

“I am warning the school for the last time. If anything like this happens to my daughter again – I only gave birth to two children – I won’t take it likely,” she said.

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