Actress Linda Osifo opens up on how her tribal marks affects her confidence

Popular Nollywood actress, Linda Osifo, has made a revelation about her tribal marks.

She revealed that at times, her tribal marks affect her confidence.

The movie star disclosed this in the latest episode of ‘Me, Her and Everything Else’ podcast hosted by Stephanie Coker.

Osifo, who disclosed that she relocated from Nigeria to Canada when she was seven, said people always questioned her about the tribal marks.

She also said that some people believed that the marks came as a result of an attack by a wild animal.

“I can remember there was a moment when a student asked me because I had tribal marks and she was like what do you guys do in Africa? Is this what you guys have there? Or why is your colour like this?,” she said.

“Then you start wondering, what is different about me? And that’s when you start learning that you’re different.

“What other students thought about my tribal marks was that I was attacked by a tiger and I would say it’s a lion. Of course, it’s a child’s imagination.”

When asked if it affected her confidence, she said it did and “sometimes still does”.

According to her, everyone wants to look really perfect and the slightest imperfection would still affect you.

“Of course it did, sometimes it still does. Everybody wants to look really perfect no matter what and when you have a little bit of imperfection in any area, it’s still going to affect no matter how much you say it’s little or it’s this,” she said.

“Like it’s a mental thing because you want everything to look like ten over ten.”


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