Actress Lilian Afegbai shocked to seer power outage in South Africa

Nigerian actress and reality TV star, Lilian Afebgbai has shared her not so pleasant experience with electricity in South Africa.

She expressed shock that South Africa also experiences power outage which was not that different from Nigeria.

According to the former Big Brother Africa housemate, when she visited a cinema to watch movie, power went out and she found it amusing.

Lilian said that whenever the loadshedding happens, the authority informs citizens and residents prior to the outage and it affects internet connectivity and network.

She said that unlike in Nigeria where network still works even if PHCN takes the light, in South Africa everything stops working once the load shedding starts.

She said there is no genarator being used in homes or residential apartments so whenever the power is restored or before it goes out, people rush to charge their phones, iron clothes, do laundry and other things that can only be done with electricity.

The actress stressed that different countries have the challenges they are battling with and it is not fair for Nigerians to speak ill of their country when other nations are experiencing similar things.

Lilian said that there was a time power went out and when it was restored she went to her balcony and shouted ‘NEPA don bring light’ much to the shock of her neighbour.

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