Heartbroken man recounts 6-year love story as girlfriend marries his close friend

In a recent Twitter post, Michael Mumuramye, a heartbroken man from Uganda, opened up about his heart-wrenching experience when the woman he had been dating for six years unexpectedly tied the knot with one of his close friends.

According to Michael, the unfortunate turn of events began when his girlfriend embarked on a trip to Kigali, Rwanda, and sought his assistance in finding suitable accommodation.

In a gesture of goodwill, he reached out to his friend residing in Rwanda to assist his girlfriend in finding a place to stay.

However, little did Michael know that this well-intentioned act would turn into a regrettable choice, as his friend unexpectedly developed romantic feelings for his girlfriend, leading to their eventual marriage.

While refraining from divulging the specific circumstances surrounding the conclusion of his relationship with his ex-girlfriend, heartbroken Michael disclosed that she has been happily married to his friend for a duration of five years.

In his own words, he said, “A lady I dated 6 yrs ago had travelled to Kigali. As a concerned BF I called a one of my friends over there to help her get good accommodation.Long story short, they’ve been married for 5 yrs now. Since then, I fear short ladies with big foreheads which look like a solar panel.”


Netizens flocked to the comments to catch cruise and relate with the situation. See some of their reactions:

@MathiasSsemandaI: “am glad you aren’t dragging your friend”

@NaNa_TaLi: “Naahhh keep us out of it sir… especially considering the size of your forehead”

@NkyEzenwa: “Sir your forehead is the same solar panel your are complaining about… She dodged a complete circuit breaker…”

@Chayiman1: “Tomorrow is another day to fear women.”


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