Young lady reportedly stabbed to death by man in Abuja

A young lady identified as Oyije has reportedly been stabbed to death by a man in Abuja.
The report of the sad incident was posted on Facebook by a lady identified as Ene who is the cousin of the victim.
In a Facebook post on Friday, April 21, 2023, Ene said the family will make sure the man who stabbed Oyije to death, rots in jail.
“Oyije my sister why do u have to leave me this early. U are young and full of life. U left without saying goodbye. Dey are seriously on ur case dey will make sure the guy that stabbed u rot in jail but I wish u could wake up. Oyije, ur death has left a space in my heart which no one can fill. My favorite cousin sister. Kai I can’t type RIP. Oyije why,” she wrote.
Young Nigerian lady stabbed to death by a man

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