You must belong to the cult to survive in Nigeria – Yemi Solade

Actor Yemi Solade has declared that survival in Nigeria requires membership in a cult.

The 63-year-old stated this in an Instagram text post on Saturday.

“Nigeria. To live and survive in it, one MUST belong to the CULT,” he wrote.

Among those who responded to Yemi Solade’s post is fellow actor Bolanle Ninalowo.

“One must belong to GOD baba! Only God is king! Shake it off, pick up that bible. Read to understand and not just to pray and afterward see the blessings all around you. Smile (to) the hit the gym,” the 42-year-old wrote in the comment section of Yemi’s post.

Not done, Bolanle added another comment which reads “When we stop paying attention to & counting other people’s material’s ‘Vanity’ we will be able to see and acknowledge our blessings.

When we get used to counting our blessings, we will only have many more to count.

“You are too blessed baba.

One thought on “You must belong to the cult to survive in Nigeria – Yemi Solade

  1. Capital”NO”Mr Yemi Solade, not everyone of us,it all depends on individual self discovery.God know s how He guides, guards and rewards those who truelly and firmly worship Him.God is ONE Universally either you follow Jesu (Prophet Issa(AS)or Nabiy Mohammad (S.A.W).

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