You can be President – Pastor Ibiyeomie urges members to join race

Pastor David Ibiyeomie of Salvation Ministry has urged members of his congregation to consider running for President of Nigeria, claiming that it is not a big thing.

Pastor Ibiyeomie

The preacher, who exhorted his members to always take steps of faith during a sermon at the church’s headquarters in Port Harcourt, Rivers State, decried the carrying of weaponry in the Niger Delta.

He said that one of the country’s largest oil companies is on the verge of going out of business, and he urged members to take steps to acquire the company from its current owners.

He said, “You think it’s too big to be the President of Nigeria, take a step of faith, the people who are going there, they don’t have two heads.

“Are you aware that one of the biggest oil companies in Nigeria is folding up to leave Niger Delta, I won’t call the name of the Oil company, they want to leave the Niger Delta as a whole, the biggest oil industry, so who will they give the well to?

“Uncircumcised people can’t take the well. Listen, it is not carrying guns, it is carrying God. Take a step of faith. They may not like it, but I will keep saying it, carrying guns in Niger Delta is the highest form of stupidity, because since they have been carrying guns they have not given them one oil well.

“With all the militancy, not one oil well has been given to Niger Delta people, rather they are tired they are now kidnapping themselves. Have they kidnapped anybody in Abuja? No! It’s the same Ijaw people, yet you’re killing yourselves. So, stop the gun, believe the prophecy of the men of God”.

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