Yoruba, Igbo, Benin only three tribes in Nigeria – Davido

Afrobeat singer Davido has erroneously claimed that Nigeria has only three tribes, namely Yoruba, Igbo and Benin.

Davido, who goofed while hosting popular American content creator Kai Cenat, who is in Nigeria for a documentary, yesterday in Lagos, said: “We have three tribes in Nigeria. There’s Yoruba. My father is Yoruba. And in Nigeria, wherever your father is from, that’s where you are really from. So my father is Yoruba. My wife is from Igbo. And my mother is from Benin. I’m three tribes in one.”

Contrary to the Timeless singer’s claim, the National Bureau of Statistics revealed that there are 371 tribes in Nigeria, the majority of which are Hausa, Igbo and Yoruba.

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