YNW Melly death date: YNW Melly facing death penalty – See his last post

YNW Melly death date: On April 18th, 2019, the State of Florida filed a notice of intent to seek death penalty against YNW Melly.

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19 year old YNW Melly is facing death penalty for allegedly fatally shooting YNW Juvy and YNW Sakchaser in October 2018, two men he is said to have been very close with.

A close friend of the three – Melly, Sakchaser and Juvy, in a February Complex interview after asking to remain anonymous, said “they were like brothers.”

According to investigators, Melly and co-defendant YNW Bortlen are also alleged to have attempted to make the crime scene resemble a drive-by shooting.

Melly (real name Jamell Demons) is being accused of killing his friends back in October 2018. He is said to have shot his friends Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr. to death, hitting them in the back, head and torso.

He also reportedly drove around with their bodies in the car, and shot up his own car to make it look like a drive-by shooting.

In March, they pleaded not guilty to charges in connection with the case. Melly had intially turned himself in on February 13.

Reacting to the no guilty plea, Jana Thompson, the mother of YNW Sakchaser, said the not guilty pleas were “another stab in the heart.”

Melly’s mother, meanwhile, has alleged that Sakchaser—real name Anthony Williams—sent her threatening texts prior to the murder.

YNW Melly death date:

Then came today and TMZ first reported Monday that Melly, currently charged with a pair of first-degree murder counts, will be facing a capital punishment effort by the State of Florida.

The state believes it can show “beyond a reasonable doubt” that Melly committed both acts for “financial gain.”

In her filing against YNW Melly, real name Jamell Demons, Assistant State Attorney Kristine Bradley claimed a number of “aggravating factors” can be proven beyond a reasonable doubt and justify the state’s pursuit of capital punishment, which is still legal in Florida and 29 additional states.

Bradley writes that Demons allegedly carried out the murder for “pecuniary” gains and that he is a “criminal gang member” as defined by Florida state penal code.

In the time since his arrest, the Florida rapper’s lyrics have been cited as evidence of his guilt by the public.

Representatives for YNW Melly declined to comment.


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