Woman reunites with husband who traveled abroad one week after their wedding

A woman who has shared the heartwarming moment she reunited abroad with her husband after eight months of being apart.

The lady known as Theodora Asare revealed that they tied the knot via Zoom because he was in Europe while she stayed in Ghana.

He, however returned to Ghana for the church wedding and they lived together as husband and wife.

But he relocated abroad after just a week of being married so she stayed alone during that period.

Theodora was able to secure her passport and travel documents eight months after her hubby left and she was excited at the thought of finally joining him.

In some videos she posted on TikTok, the excited lady flaunted her passport and revealed that she flew over 17 hours to meet the love of her life in diaspora.

She was all smiles when they eventually met and she prayed that they remain together and live happily ever after.

Sharing the heartwarming videos, Theodora wrote: “My husband left a week after our wedding. After eight months, I finally get to join him. I flew 17 + hours and finally, we are here. Together forever in Jesus name.”

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