Woman joyous as she sells her land for N90m 15 years after buying it at N1.5m

A Nigerian woman has made multi-millions from a parcel of land she casually acquired 15 years ago.

She said that the piece of land has bee resold for N90 million and it was not developed at the time of purchase.

The elderly woman recounted how it happened in a viral TikTok video as she seemed to be having a conversation with her children.

She said that when she got the land, it used to be a maize farm with ridges and she had to remove it all to transform it into what is now values at N90 million.

She said’ “I bought a land 1.5 million, if you want I’ll bring the receipt for you 15 years ago. It’s currently selling for 90 million. It was somebody’s farm that I bought. There was corn, there was all sorts of things. I saw ridges there. I was the one that took them out.”

Watch her speak:


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