Woman gives birth to first child at 62 after 31 years of marriage

A 62-year-old Nigerian woman, Mrs. Funmi Akinade, has welcomed her first child, a healthy baby boy.

News Agency of Nigeria reports that she gave birth at StrongTower Hospital and Advanced Fertility Centre in Lagos after 31 years of being married without a child.

The baby was conceived through In Vitro Fertilisation (IVF) and delivered on Tuesday, February 6 through caesarian section at 37 weeks.

According to Akinade, that she married in 1992 and in her attempts to conceive, she went through a series of gynecological treatments, including three previous IVF procedures that failed.

She said that the fourth IVF became successful and her husband had been supportive, adding that both of them remained optimistic that God would give them a child.

The new mum said; “This is my fourth IVF attempt, but the others were not in this hospital. When someone is looking for fruit of the womb, the person will be moving from one hospital or gynecologist to another, undergoing series of gynecological investigations and treatments.

“Even when I felt it was aready too late to be possible, God in His infinite mercy made it possible for me in my lifetime. I return all glory to Him. Two major factors that kept motivating me all along are my husband’s support and one particular book that I usually read”.

Akinade advised couples desiring children not to give up but trust in God while seeking the right medical attention.

Dr Ayodele Ademola, a Consultant Gynecologist, who delivered the baby, said that a woman above 62 years could still conceive through IVF or other innovative methods of assisted pregnancy.

“Even if the IVF fails, there are other innovative methods of assisted pregnancy to offer, including surrogacy – that’s bringing another person to carry the pregnancy in situations where the woman is unable to carry it.

“Aside the surrogacy approach, there are other advanced methods. Our motive is to achieve that desired result and ensure that the woman is happy, satisfied and gets value for the money spent.

“Regarding the controversy about whether old women can conceive, there are advanced innovative methods through which they can be helped to have babies,” Ademola said.

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