Woman confronts husband of 22 years at his side chic’s house

A woman stormed the house of her husband’s alleged mistress after learning that he was with her and she created a scene in Sierra Leone.

She confronted him for cheating on her with the side chic she identified as Christiana George, after being married for 22 years.

The heartbroken woman knocked on the door and it was her husband who came out, but immediately she saw him, she started venting.

The man said they were already divorced and his wife had no business harrassing him and his woman, but she said they were still legally married and have only been separated until the divorce is finalised.

She recorded the video showing his face and vowed to show it to his employer and post it on Facebook.

He asked her to leave but she remained adamant, so he said he would call police to kick her off the property.

In a part of the clip, the man defended himself by saying the lady is his acquaintance and there was no intimate relationship.

After sometime, he decided to take the alleged mistress out of the house but his wife continued following them and humiliating them in public. He said he was taking her to church and all the while his wife verbally attacked them, the lady did not respond or utter a word.


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