Why women need to learn to ‘toast’ men – Actress Bayray MacNwizu

Nollywood actress, Bayray McNwizu, has said there is nothing wrong with a woman making the first move in romantic relationships.

She stated this in an interview with Saturday Beats while encouraging more ladies to show interest in men they like but not act desperate.

The screen diva explained that there are times a man might not see the signs a lady is showing of what she has to offer, which is why women have to be vocal about their intentions.

Bayray said; ”There are pros and cons when it comes to women ‘shooting their shots.’ If one does not want to waste one’s time, just find out what is working. It is always about knowing where to apply the gauge, knowing when to proceed, how fast to move and when to stop. These things are so important. If one likes somebody as a woman, know how to proceed and know how fast one can take action.

“Also, know when to stop because one cannot afford to look desperate. A woman needs to have a healthy self-concept about herself and know that she is a queen. If a woman wants to be in a man’s life, that woman has to bring a lot of value to the table. If the man cannot see that, then the woman should help him. If the man is interested, he will chase the woman. If he is not, then the both the man and the woman can settle for friendship. It’s even more valuable to have friendships that can blossom into other things as opposed to immediate romantic relationships.”

The Nollywood star also talked about actors being signed to a management company.

“Actors need to be more open to the idea of a management. Ninety percent of people are not open to that. Management comes with structure. In addition, the management too needs to go back to school to understand how Nigeria works, to know what will work in Nigeria and what will not work in Nigeria. The film industry needs to be more open to that because it helps to protect everybody’s interest,” she said.

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