Why will you cook for my husband? – Woman confronts her hubby’s female bestie who lives with them

A married woman clashed with her husband’s female best friend because she cooked for him despite knowing that it is the wife’ duty.

She revealed that her hubby invited the lady to live with them temporarily because she was having accomodation issues. However, she complained that she has become so comfortable in the house as if they are both married to him.

In a video which surfaced online, the wife explained that she came back from the market and was about to enter the kitchen to cook for her hubby only for her to see that the bestie had already cooked for him.

The man was not back from work yet, so she confronted the lady for preparing Oha soup for her hubby. She showed the food which had already been served on the dining table.

The angry wife vowed to ensure that she gets the woman kicked out of the house that she does not care of that’s her husband’s best friend.

According to her, the woman is always cooking oha soup for her husband on a daily basis and she has gotten tired of tolerating her behaviour in the house.

She wanted to take the food inside and prepare her own before the man returns from work, but the bestie grabbed it from her and dropped it back on the table, saying she cooked it for her ‘baby’.


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