Why Nigerians defeat us in everything – South African businessman

A South African businessman has shared his observation about Nigerians and why the people beat his countrymen whenever there is competition between both countries.

He said that people from Nigeria have a resilient and hardworking spirit when it comes to business and survival, unlike South Africans who wait for government support or grants.

The entrepreneur, while speaking with a podcaster named Pen, said that he’s visited Nigeria and he knows that the citizens go hustling because they know that no government grant is coming.

In a video which has gone viral, he said there are many small business owners and hawkers who do not allow their situation to prevent them from seeking a way out.

He went on to give an analogy of how the average young person in South Africa would have to go to Small Enterprise Finance Agency to get loans before they can start any business but the average Nigerian just thinks of something he can sell with immediacy.

The South African man called on his his people to have a mindset change if they want their personal life and finances to improve.



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